This exciting new business is a partnership between Hall of Fame Health and Metabolic Code Enterprises, a company formed by thought leaders Jim LaValle, and Andrew Heyman, MD, who together have spent decades as pioneers in the field of Integrative Medicine, and have developed software and assessment algorithms for helping individuals obtain the very best understanding of their personal health as well as implements plans for reaching their highest levels of performance.Between these two, books have been written, university curriculum has been developed and taught, research has been undertaken, and care has been provided to thousands of patients from elite athletes, teams and executives, to everyday persons seeking to get the very best from their health.James LaValle, RPh, CCN, ND(trad), is a nationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, board certified clinical nutritionist, and founder of Metabolic Code Enterprises, Inc.: a web platform and practice solution enterprise, which includes the unique & highly effective Metabolic Code Protocol–a preventive approach to integrative health care. LaValle additionally founded Practices at Progressive Medical Center in Orange County, California; in 2001, he founded and operated LaValle Metabolic Institute: an interdisciplinary medicine facility in Cincinnati where he served thousands of patients using his metabolic model for health for 15 years.Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA is an internationally recognized expert in Integrative Medicine. He is currently the Program Director of Integrative and Metabolic Medicine at The George Washington University. Prior to assuming this role, he spent 16 years at the University of Michigan, serving to build one of the largest and most successful academic-based Integrative Medicine programs in the United States.Over the past few years, LaValle and Heyman and their teams have helped dozens of Gold Jackets and their wives, many of whom have been helped significantly.  It’s on the heels of this success that Hall of Fame Performance Health is being formed to leverage the brand and the reach of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in taking these cutting-edge services to market.