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As a healthcare services company with a platform, all of us at Hall of Fame Health ask that you take COVID-19 seriously, follow the instructions circulated by national and local authorities for mitigating the spread of the virus, and do all you can to take care of yourself and those for whom you care.

Below are links to several sources of information and best practices for remaining safe and well.  These are national in scope.  Please consult departments of health in your local area as well.

In addition, below are links to several videos from leading physicians and clinicians giving their advice and best thinking, as of the dates the videos were filmed, regarding dealing with COVID-19 and the implications it has had for our society and all of us as individuals.  Hall of Fame Health does not give medical advice or endorse the advice or opinions of those shown in the videos, but hopes the information shared can be an important part of the overall information available to you.  Please consult your physician or other healthcare providers for actions specific to you.

Lewis S. Nelson, MD
Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Chief, Emergency Department, University Hospital of Newark

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