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CANTON, OHIO – Continuing its mission to develop solutions that will make an impact not only in the health and wellness of former NFL players, but also in communities across the country, Hall of Fame Health today is announcing a new stand-alone entity to assist in the delivery of medical care and nine founding members of its first Medical Advisory Board.

Hall of Fame Benefits: This new venture is a partnership between Hall of Fame Health and Key Benefit Administrators, the nation’s largest independent third-party benefits administrator, based in Indianapolis. Hall of Fame Benefits is launching a platform to assist former players and all others associated with the game in procuring comprehensive health insurance as well as other concierge-level assistance and services. Its services can be found at

The aim of Hall of Fame Benefits is to be a comprehensive resource, guiding every step along the spectrum of care for the greater football community.  This not only includes assistance with insurance coverage, but also ensures access to care – including telemedicine and telehealth mental health services – navigation of providers, making sense of bills and helping patients in need secure financial assistance. The launch of this business comes perfectly timed with this fall’s open enrollment period only a few months away.

“Hall of Fame Benefits has been our primary focus from Day 1, as it’s hard to imagine a more impactful program for former players and their families,” said Jeremy Hogue, President and CEO of Sovereign Healthcare, the Hall’s partner in Hall of Fame Health. “Getting insurance coverage, and having experts assist with making sure it’s the right coverage, and then providing unparalleled support throughout the year – it’s going to make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people. And our hope is that this is just the beginning, as we have plans to greatly expand our options for former players in the years to come.”

In addition to serving former players, Hall of Fame Benefits also will seek to leverage the pioneering programs it has developed and market them to employers and others seeking the best in health and employee benefits. Hall of Fame Health is working with many NFL legends – not only members of the Hall of Fame – to take these offerings to market.

“The Hall of Fame stands for excellence,” said David Baker, President and CEO of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, “and we are confident Hall of Fame Benefits will help former players – and eventually employees and all fans – achieve excellence in their health care.”

Hall of Fame Health Advisory Board: Additionally, Hall of Fame Health has assembled its first Medical Advisory Board, a eleven-member panel with world-renowned experts in fields ranging from orthopedic surgery to concussion protocol to behavioral health.  Many have extensive tenure in caring for NFL players and teams and have been well-known leaders within the football community. They are:

  • Andrew Dossett, Board Chairman; Orthopedic Spine Surgeon; Dallas
  • James Andrews; Orthopedic Surgeon; Gulf Breeze, Fla.
  • Ronnie Barnes; Athletic Trainer; East Rutherford, N.J.
  • Stanley Herring; Sports Medicine/Concussion; Seattle
  • Rob Heyer; Internal Medicine; Charlotte, N.C.
  • Andrew Heyman; Integrative Medicine; GWU, Washington DC
  • Kenneth Kenyhercz; Internal/Sports Medicine; Tampa, Fla.
  • Michael Rich; Psychiatry/Behavioral Health; Canton, Ohio
  • John Small; Orthopedic Spine Surgeon; Tampa, Fla.
  • Thomas Sonnanstine; General/Bariatric Surgeon; Columbus, Ohio
  • Eugene Yim; Internal/Sports Medicine; Newport Beach, Calif.

Dr. Andrew Dossett, Board Chairman said, “I have been a “football guy” since I was six years old. As an Orthopaedic surgeon, I have had the privilege of being an NFL team doctor for the past twenty years. Now, as part of Hall of Fame Health, my focus will be on the health care of the men that have entertained me for the past fifty years. That will be my privilege. The other members of our medical advisory board share that commitment.”



CANTON, OHIO – Today, after than more two years of planning and development, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced that it has formed a new entity, Hall of Fame Health, for the pursuit of opportunities within the healthcare field. One of the foremost concerns for former players are health care issues. Hall of Fame Health seeks to develop services and solutions that will make an impact not only in the health and wellness of former players, but in communities across the country as well.

Sovereign Healthcare, a premier healthcare services company based in Mission Viejo, California, has joined with the Hall of Fame and will lead the efforts of the new entity. Sovereign will provide its team and resources and work closely with Hall of Fame Chief Partnership Officer Pat Lindesmith. Sovereign’s Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Hogue will lead the effort as the CEO of Hall of Fame Health. In addition, a healthcare-focused board of directors has been formed.

The broad undertaking of Hall of Fame Health will include healthcare services and benefits, innovative new business ventures, partnering with market leaders in various go-to-market strategies, coordinating game-changing research, and raising funds for those in need of financial assistance or services.

“The Pro Football Hall of Fame stands for excellence and this landmark partnership will be a game-changer in the health care industry,” said Pro Football Hall of Fame President & CEO David Baker. “We are thrilled to work with Jeremy and his team, as he leads Hall of Fame Health and works to build the programs and services that will meet our long-term objectives related to health and wellness.”

The unique offerings envisioned through this effort will change the lives of many of the NFL Legends who helped build this great game. The aspirations of Hall of Fame Health have been clearly defined. The goals include developing strategies and solutions that will lead to all former NFL football players having access to top-tier healthcare providers across the country, as well as access to healthcare coverage. Many of the strategies and programs to be deployed will not only be available for former players, but also to the general public through partnerships around the country. In doing so, Hall of Fame Health will seek to impact the health of communities nationwide.

More specific plans will be announced in the coming months. Currently, Hall of Fame Health is exploring the development of a health benefits plan for NFL retirees and their families, and a pioneering health and performance venture. Both efforts represent partnerships with the foremost companies and clinicians in the industry. In addition, there will be development of programs in Canton, Ohio that build on the relationship the Hall of Fame continues to foster with the Aultman Health Foundation.

“All of us at Sovereign are proud to be joining with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and it is inspiring to see so many Hall of Famers respond to the needs of their former teammates,” Hogue commented.  “We look forward to the strategic and organizational work ahead and leading the efforts of many great healthcare providers, companies and entrepreneurs across the country who want to join us and develop some groundbreaking initiatives that will truly make a difference.”